10 Advantages of Calbase
If well is productive the location is already permatized. Calbase protects any drilling materials... And change to the soil instead of from the soil.
  1. Calbase protects any drilling materials from the farmers' field, and change to the soil instead of from the soil. (All liquids run off Calbase and do not penetrate.)
  2. 100% of the material can be reclaimed and moved to the next location and will go back together again.
  3. On the approach to location, it does not break up like limestone, so this prevents breakage to ongoing vehicles.
  4. On deeper wells there will not be additional rental if you go over the 60 or 90 days of rented boards.
  5. No more repair charges from breaking the mats or boards.
  6. It's not slippery when wet.
  7. It does not float in case of heavy rains and flooding.
  8. It can be inventoried for the next location.
  9. It thrives off of the wetlands we have here in Louisiana.
  10.                                                             A N.E.W. ROCK ...Never, Ever, Worry!!!